Partners in Education 2019/2020



Dr. Aine Moran Principal 
Mr. Michael Davitt Deputy Principal

Assistant Principal(s)

Mr Noel O’Malley School Planning Co-ordinator & Book Scheme

Mr Richard Berkeley

IT Co-ordinator

Ms Marina Rice (Acting For Programme Coordinator)

Parents’ Association Representative
Self-Evaluation Co-ordinator 


Special Duties Teachers  
Mr Robert Reaney  Examinations Secretary

Ms Joan Rennick

Ms Clare McDermott

Ms Ailish Walsh

Mr Tom O’Flynn

Ms Pauline Finucane

Student Council Representative & Student Involvement & Achievements

Year Head (First Years)

Year Head (Second Years)

Year Head (Senior Cycle)

Year Head (Third Years)

Ms. Finola Foy

Ms Bridget Donnelly

Ms Michelle Hackett

Ms Sarah McEvilly

Mr Shane Freeman

Ms Elaine O’Malley

Mr Cormac McCarthy

Ms Marion Gill

Ms Sheila Duffy

Ms Michelle McGing

Ms Deborah Maxwell

Ms Norma Keane

Ms Martha Halpin

Mr John Paul Tiernan

Ms Judi O’Malley

Ms Jane Hanley

Ms Aoife Duffy

Ms Keira Kennelly

Mr Liam Murphy

Ms Celine Maher

Ms Grace Hynes

Mr. Diarmuid Griffith

Mr. Chris Holloway

Ms. Felicity McIlroy

Mr. Brian Byrne

Ms Emily Griffin

Ms. Aoife Reilly

Ms. Peig Needham

Ms. Helen Corcoran

Ms. Anna McGroddy

Ms. Loretta O’Grady

Ms. Patricia Grealis

Aoife O’Toole

Mr. Matt Rowley

Special Needs Assistant

Special Needs Assistant

Special Needs Assistant

Special Needs Assistant

Special Needs Assistant

Programme Coordinators

Ms Norah Gavin

Mr Chris Holloway

Ms Michelle McGing

Ms. Deborah Maxwell

Ms Pauline Finucane

Ms Bridget Donnelly




Special Education

Transition Year Co-ordinator

Transition Year Co-ordinator


Adult Education

School Personnel

Mr Jim Rocliffe

Mr Noel Billington

Ms N McNally

Ms M Durkan

Board of Management






Pat McHugh      
Pauline Moran

Jimmy Egan

Sarah Billington

Tony Hynes

Dermot Morahan

Sandra McCluskey

Deborah Maxwell

Martha Halpin




Trustees – CEIST are the trustees of the school         

Parents Association has an active and supportive role in the school

Student Council – Sancta Maria College elect a Student council each year