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Transfer of students

Transfer from primary to secondary school is a very important occasion in the life of your child. This transition can be an anxious time for children and their parents. To ease this transition, the following steps are undertaken at Sancta Maria College:

  • Sancta Maria College liaises closely with Primary schools.
  • Primary school Principals are invited to Awards and Leaving Cert Graduation Ceremonies.
  • The Principal and Deputy Principal visit all schools including the Island schools.
  • The Special Needs Coordinator liaises with the Special Needs Coordinator of primary schools.
    Regular updates on students progress is given to school.
  • Fun afternoon/Sports/Arts is organised towards the end of May. This includes a tour of the school and meeting with students from their own primary schools.
  • Students from Transition Year regularly work in primary schools and this also aids transition for new first years.
  • Sixth Class pupils and their parents are invited to visit our school on enrolment night.  A description on the life of the school is given by a number of the teaching staff including the Principal.
  • Sixth class students are invited to the Annual School Musical in Spring.


Induction Day

On Induction Day the new students have exclusive use of the school to familiarise themselves with timetables and the layout of the school. They will also be introduced to their senior mentors who will assist them in settling in to school life.
The school’s mentoring system is conducted under the Pastoral Care co-coordinator who liaises with students and mentors on a regular basis. Regular activities are organised to assist students getting to know each other.

Parents/guardians are also invited on this morning to have light refreshments and informally meet staff.
At the end of September parents are invited to an information evening to review the transition to date. This includes information sharing and an introduction to the Parents Council by a Member of the Association.

The Career Guidance counsellor discusses subject choices with each class and in some cases with individual students and their parents if the need arises.
Parents/Guardians are welcome to make an appointment and discuss any matters of concern.
A study skills programme is also put in place to aid with homework and new subject areas.

Parent -Teacher meeting allows an opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s progress with subject teachers.

A transfer team is set up in September to review/assess transfer. This includes:
Principal/Deputy Principal
Year Head
Special Needs Coordinator
Pastoral Care Coordinator
Guidance Counsellor
Prefect team