Mainstream classes

Our goal is to have our pupils integrated into mainstream classes at Sancta Maria College. 

We support pupils with a number of Additional Needs across the curriculum. Teachers differentiate work, where appropriate and monitor progress. Special Needs Assistants are deployed to support at appropriate times with those pupils with highest need. 

CAT4 testing is carried out at the start of their school career that gives us an idea of their preferred learning modes and allows us to set appropriate expectations of those pupils.

Pupils in mainstream classes are highlighted to staff who support and monitor them during their time in classes. 

Special Classes

Sancta Maria College has two designated special classes.  Special classes enable students with more complex special educational needs to be educated, in smaller class groups, here at Sancta Maria College. Our special classes offer a supportive learning environment to students who are unable to access the curriculum in a mainstream class, even with support, for most or all of their school day. Students enrolled in special classes are included in mainstream classes to the greatest extent possible, in line with their abilities.

ASD Class

We opened our ASD class in 2017 and it operates as a supportive room for our students to improve their academic skills, as well as more practical skills. Students have the opportunity to attend mainstream classes where suitable and are supported in this by the staff of the ASD room. They may also be enrolled, if appropriate, onto the Level 2 Learning Program. We are very lucky to have access to a well-equipped sensory room, which is available to all students in the school. Students are enrolled in the ASD class if there is a recommendation in their psychological report for this. 

Students follow the Level 2 Learning Program as part of their time in the ASD class. 

Moderate General Learning Disability

We are fortunate to have introduced a Moderate General Learning Disability Classroom in Sancta Maria College this year.

Students who may be suitable for enrolment in this classroom may

  • display significant delay in reaching developmental milestones
  • may have impaired development and learning ability in respect of basic literacy and numeracy, language and communication, mobility and leisure skills, motor coordination and social and personal development
  • have difficulties with the length of time for which they can concentrate on activities, with generalising and transferring knowledge across situations and with processing input from more than one sense at a time.

Our approach in these  classrooms is completely student-centered. The focus is on the student and his/her needs at all times.  We work closely with parents, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and other support services to ensure that we cater for the educational, physical, emotional and sensory needs of the student. 

It is wonderful that it is now possible for us to welcome those students into our community in SMC.  We provide an environment where all students are valued and respected.   Students  in the MGD and ASD classrooms can engage with all activities in the school and it is amazing to observe the respect that is shown towards these students within our school community.

Students follow the Level 2 Learning Program as part of their time in the ASD class. 

English as an Additional Language

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) department is focused on providing linguistic proficiency both academically and socially, for students with additional language needs. We strive to create an inclusive learning environment that promotes language acquisition and cultural integration.

Students in the EAL programme, engage in a dynamic learning experience that matches their own personal needs and goals. Through interactive lessons, collaborative projects and immersion in the native language, we ensure a confident transition towards mainstream academic learning environments.