SMC is committed to the unity of all students within the school.  Sancta Maria College welcomes students with diverse abilities, and those of diverse family status, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, cultural participation and expression.


  • SMC celebrates and embraces different cultures through scheduling a series of multicultural events.
  • SMC supports students who may encounter a language barrier with the help of EAL classes and with classroom strategies for subject teachers.
  • SMC encourages the development of student voice through the Student Council, the Prefect system and the school newspaper.
  • SMC is affiliated to the ASIAM Autism Friendly Schools Programme, which requires students and teachers to work together to promote awareness of neurodiversity.
  •  “This is Me” is a safe space for anyone in any year group to attend. The group celebrates everyone’s individuality; it is a place for students to come and truly be themselves and be accepted unconditionally.
  • School of Sanctuary is an initiative which is about making all members of the Sancta Maria Community feel welcomed in the school. Led by 5th year students, it strives to promote a warm and inclusive school community.

Sancta Maria College will endeavour to:

Foster awareness about diversity, equality and inclusion

Work to make the school increasingly more inclusive

Provide differentiated Teaching and Learning at all levels

Introduce an Inclusion and Differentiation upskilling programme

Periodically review the school’s performance around diversity and inclusion

Develop and promote more awareness, support and acceptance around neurodivergence and LGBTQ+ matters