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This short video explains how we use Google Workspace/Google Classroom for teaching and learning at Sancta Maria:

  • Each student in our school has an   Google account. 
  • Within their Google account, students have access to a wide range of useful apps such as Google Classroom, Drive & Meet.
  • We recommend downloading the Gmail, Drive & Classroom apps to your phone/device. See further down this page for links to download.
  • If you’ve any problems accessing your account, ask someone to contact  for help.
  • At this point in the year students should already have joined all of their subjects in Google Classroom. If you find you are not a member of your class in G Classroom, email your teacher.
  • We recommend parents check in with their son/daughter’s Google Classroom page periodically. If you click ‘to do’ on the top left, you can see any outstanding assignments/classwork.
**For uploading photos of work we recommend  using a scanning app ( e.g. Fastscanner/Camscanner) to take pictures of their work.  It will save their work as one pdf file.  Example: 3  photos of 4mb each can be converted into a pdf of 1mb, 12 times faster to upload.

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What teaching platforms are being used?

The main teaching platform used by Sancta Maria College is the Google Education Suite for the following reasons:

– Security – we are happy with its security features as we have full control over the domain, users must sign in
with dedicated school email accounts.
– Familiarity—we have been using this system extensively with students for a number of years which enabled a smooth
transition to remote learning for both the student and teacher.
– Training—teachers and students have received training on this system.
– We have a secure video conferencing function within the platform in Google Meet.

From our teacher survey we found that approximately up to 30% of students log in at their usual class time with 70%
accessing classwork at a time that suits them best during the day. (We understand that many families have organised a
rota for use of devices between students and parents working from home).

While we appreciate that no one method will suit all students we have received very positive feedback from many
parents on this system. However as the distance learning appears to be ongoing we are open to trying new systems in
the best interests of our students.

Every system will have its benefits and its limitations and we can appreciate that different systems appeal to different
students and their learning styles. We are looking into and availing of training in other systems to vary the method of
presentation from time to time. Zoom is one system we are looking at and we are availing of training and holding
some meetings on this platform. Some teachers are currently trialing it with support classes for 2-3 students
combined with parental involvement, others recording presentations. Security issues are also being investigated.

We appreciate any concerns and we will do our best to address any issues raised to support and address all the needs
of all our students.


Without the usual school journal and copies with day to day feedback it is difficult for parents to know how their
son/daughter is getting on.
Teachers mark work, give comments and grades and communicate directly with students regularly through google
classroom. Please feel free to check in on this work with students at any time.

If you have any concerns please just contact the relevant teacher on their school email or feel free to use the general
school email and your concern will be addressed promptly.

The school will contact you if necessary to encourage student participation and engagement and we thank all those
who have identified problems/concerns to us or have helped resolve problems/concerns raised by us.

Online safety advice for parents from is available here

Click here for useful study at home information and tips.

If you’re using a PC / laptop / smartphone browser (e.g. Chrome) you can sign into your Sanctamaria sancta, maria, google, classroomGoogle account here   and access Gmail, Drive and Classroom.

If you’re using a mobile device:

Android Device:

To download the Google Classroom app,  click here.

To download the Gmail app,  click here.

To download the Google Drive app,  click here.

Apple Device:

To download the Google Classroom app,  click here.

To download the Gmail app,  click here.

To download the Google Drive app,  click here.

 – If you find you haven’t joined a class in G Classroom, email your teacher and they can add you.
 – If you’re having trouble accessing your account (e.g. lost password) contact from someone else’s email account.

Useful Study Tips


If learning from home>

We recommend that students follow their usual timetable to maintain an efficient study schedule. Teachers will be posting instructions and resources to G Classroom regularly and will be available to answer queries.

We do not recommend 100% screentime when learning from home. While some lessons may utilise online engagement, Google Classroom should be primarily used as a means of communication between teachers and students. Textbooks and other materials are still useful resources for learning.