Principal’s Message

As principal of Sancta Maria College it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website. This website is an important source of information for the entire school community and has been awarded star rating on two occasions by scoilnet for its content which gives a great feel for the school.
Our mission statement permeates throughout every aspect of school life. Each person is recognised as an individual with their own characteristics, talents and needs. Our education is holistic. We look at the academic, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of our students and aspire to develop our students as well rounded and ready to meet the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.
Our core purpose is to ensure the highest possible standard of learning in all classrooms. Every teacher wants what is best for all students. We have a caring staff who encourage students to achieve their academic potential. The recent Whole School Evaluation MLL Report from the Department of Education and Skills highlighted the quality of teaching and learning in our school as ranging from very good to excellent.
The role of parents/guardians is considered to be of great significance to us. Creating an environment where school and home work together to create the truly unique individual your son/daughter is capable of becoming is central to us all.
The school community recognises and is grateful for the support from the Board of Management, Parents Association and Student Council in maintaining the unique atmosphere where our sons and daughters can work together in harmony and happiness.
Yours sincerely,