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Letter From Principal to School Community 3rd April 2020

3 April 2020

Dear Students/Parents/Guardians,

I hope you are all keeping well and coping with these very strange and difficult times for everyone.

We all know being at home 24/7 is not exactly ideal but we have to make the most of it and appreciate the positives-the weather at least has allowed us to get some fresh air and we are fortunate in this area to have such beauty around us.

We are now heading into the Easter Holidays and I hope it is a peaceful and stress free one for you all. 

Teaching and Learning online is a new experience for us all and I know that it was challenging at the start for all. It seems to be working well at this stage and we have a few questionnaires which we are asking parents and students to complete so we have a better idea for after Easter. The Department has also requested completion of some surveys. All of these are on our website and also on our Facebook page. Please complete these. On these platforms you will also find lots of various supports which I encourage you all to access. 

Please be assured that we are still here-even if it is virtually. We read all the emails and between myself and Ms Foy and Jim we are still doing our utmost to support you all. The teachers and SNAs are working hard to try to ensure you the students are getting the best possible education. Email any of us if you need anything. Well done to you the students who are working diligently. I hear such wonderful reports from staff about the wonderful work you are producing. Some find the virtual classrooms a bit more challenging but just try your best and it’s better than nothing. If internet is a problem at times and trying to share a computer just do what you can when you can.  We know it’s not easy but it’s a worldwide situation. Let’s focus on the positive and realise that we can do this. It will end and we will have stories to share for years to come about experiences and fun and laughter we had during this time. 

We also appreciate that having teenagers at home can be a challenge and so students will you give your parents/guardians a break too. They are doing their best too. I think we need to be kind to ourselves and each other now more than ever. 

Stay safe everyone and I can’t wait to here lots of noise and laughter in the school again. 

We miss you all too

Happy Easter to all.

Stay safe


Pauline Moran