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Student Council 2017 - 2018



A new student council are elected each year, consisting of 12 new members, 2 from every year. The representatives are chosen by their classmates via a private vote. Every student in the school is entitled to vote.  From there, all representatives are elected and a student council committee is formed to act as a binding connection  between the student body and the teachers/ principal/ board of management. They are chosen by the student council members by means of a democratic vote.


The student council is equally representative of all students attending Sancta Maria College. It provides a developing platform from which students can be heard. The student council here at Sancta Maria is a consultative body and a valuable resource within our school community.
The Council meets once a week to discuss and deal with matters that may have arisen. We strive to make school life easier for all students by taking their opinions into consideration when discussing school matters, and by contributing to the improvement of school facilities and conditions. We represent student views and show an active communication channel between students, teachers and management.
For members, it allows them to experience a learning opportunity. All representatives can be identified easily throughout the school as each member wears a student council badge respectively.

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