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Dear Parent/Guardian,
The PA Council have decided to start a Newsletter to try to improve communication between the Council and all members of the PA.  As you probably know, all parents/guardians of pupils in the school are automatically members of the Parents Association, however every two years a number of parents are elected to represent each year group  (every year in the case of first year reps).   We have included a list of parent reps and the years they represent for 2011-12 below.   If you have any issues/comments/suggestions or concerns that you want raised at a PA Council meeting, please contact one of your year reps so they can bring it to PA Council meetings.  The Council meet every 4-5 weeks.   The next Council meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 25th April.

We would be interested to know if you have any topics you would like covered by invited speakers, or perhaps if you have expertise in an area that you think parents would find of interest and you are willing to give a talk yourself you could contact us.    The more often parents get to meet up with each other the better we get to know each other and this in turn can help our teenagers  through their school years.   We would really like to build on the great work done by previous Councils and try to ensure a vibrant and relevant Parents Association made up of ALL the parents of pupils in the school.
PA Council 2011-12
Chairperson   Dolores Rogers
Secretary:  Ann Lally
Treasurer:  Deirdre Needham


Contact Details for Council Members

Year Rep, Name & Email


1st Year


Catherine MacLeod


Tom Treacy


Bernadette Needham


Nora Prendergast                


2nd Year


Ann McCabe


Dolores Rogers    


Ann Lally                      


Fergus Mc Allister        


3rd Year


Deirdre Needham


Carmel Fetherston  *


Yvonne Mc Evilly  *


Jackie Neuhaus  *




Maude O' Malley *


Mary T Gibbons  *


Carol Ferson  *


5th Year


Sarah McEvoy


Rosarie Tiernan    


Seamus O' Toole*


Maura Kerrigan  *


6th Year


Margaret O’Malley


Pat O' Donnell *


Carmel Groden*


Jimmy Corrigan*


BoM Parent Reps


Aine Heneghan   


Tim Rogers                         




Pauline Moran                        


Marina Rice*


*If you need to contact your year rep and their contact details are not listed above, please call Dolores Rogers and/or email the PA Council email address and your message will be relayed to the rep.
We now had a dedicated email address for the PA Council.  You can contact us at :
We also plan to have more presence on our page on the school website, so do please check out the website page at :


Unfortunately fundraising is a necessary evil in every school and these days it is more difficult than ever before!   However, other than the Church Gate Collection, we hope that any other fundraising events planned for this school year will be social events as much as fundraisers!    All money raised will be held by the Parent Council for decision on how best to spend the money –on events for the students/parents and/or towards necessary expenses of the school.
The PA Council have less than €50 in our bank account.  In order to help fund events like the Musical (donation given school for this each year) or to be able to help purchase various items for the school/ pupils (new Kiln two years ago and help towards refurbishment of the Home Economics room last year) we really do need your support.    Unfortunately, we have not been able to make any donation towards the costs of the musical this year yet.   We would also like to have some speakers in on various topics of interest to parents.   This all costs, so please bear with us when we come begging!! 
Recent/Current Work of PA Council
School Policies:  The Council were recently given copies of the Mobile Phone Policy and the Inclusion Policy by the Board of Management to read and give feedback on.  This was done at the last two meetings. 
Musical :  Once again, volunteers were organised by the PA Council to ‘man’ the doors of the Town Hall during the Musical Performances.   Thanks to all those who braved the elements!  Congratulations were also expressed to all those involved in the Musical.  The teenagers did Sancta Maria proud, once again!  Thanks to all the input and help from the teachers involved and the patience of all the students and teachers during the run up to the production!
PA Constitution:  The PA Council are currently working on a revised Constitution for the PA.   We hope to have this ready soon and propose to hold a vote on ratification at the next AGM. 
Copies of the proposed Constitution will be sent out to all parents before the AGM.
Affiliation:  The Council are currently looking at the merits of affiliating with the CSPA (the National Congress of Catholic Schools  Parent Associations) which come under the umbrella group of the NCP-PP (National Council of Parents – Post-primary
Uniform:   The Parents Council welcomed the school’s decision to include dark shoes as part of the school uniform from September next.
Upcoming Events
AGM:  Our AGM shall be held on Wednesday 9th May at 8.30pm  in the School.  Further details will be sent out closer to the date but we do hope that as many parents as possible will attend the AGM.   The main items on the agenda shall be the ratification of the Constitution and this will involve some changes to election of PA Council. However, elections onto Council will not be held at the AGM as these will be held in September.
 The Annual Church Gate Collection for Sancta Maria College at Lecanvey, Louisburgh and Killeen churches will be held this  weekend, 24/25th of March.  We will need volunteers for this, so if you are available before/after any of the masses, please let us know as soon as possible.
Bingo Night:  We hope to have a Bingo night before the end of this school year.  Once we get a date we will let you all know and hopefully we will get a good turnout for it.
Afternoon Tea Party:  We are also organising a ‘tea party’ afternoon to be held on Sunday 13th May.   Further details will follow, but it promises to be a fun afternoon  and a chance for parents to get together.  The school choir shall also give a performance on the day.
All proceeds from these events will go to the PA and the PA Council welcome suggestions on how these funds should be spent this year.
Launch of School Choir:   The School Choir shall give a performance in the West View Hotel on Friday 20th April  - Tickets €10 euro and all proceeds  will go to promote the Arts in the school.  We would strongly urge you to go along to this event.
Tesco Tokens:   We ask that parents who shop at Tesco collect and donate the Tesco Computer Vouchers to our school again this year.  Many thanks.
Duathlon:  The annual Duathlon will be held on 1st May this year.   School need volunteers to act as stewards on the day.  If you are available, please contact the school to let them know.

Don’t forget, if you have any comments/suggestions you can contact us at or call one of your year reps.   We would love to hear from you!




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