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Sancta Maria College,
                                                                                      Co. Mayo.

To whom it may concern,

On behalf of the student body, we are writing this letter regarding a recent amendment to the school uniform policy.

Bringing to light recent changes within the policy, we recognise that most modifications are being undertaken with the best interest of the school community in mind such changes: No Hoodies, jackets or scarves to be worn in the classroom or on the corridor between classes. And that no excess garments to be in student's possession in either location or that knee high skirts must be enforced. We understand the implantation of these rules and will abide by them.

On the other hand, we wish to highlight many students’ dissatisfaction with the black shoe policy which will come into context as of September 2012. It has come to the student's attention that it will be compulsory to wear black shoes whilst attending school. The student's of Sancta Maria College feel strongly that this new policy is extremely limited and restricted.

We respectfully suggest that the wearing of navy/black/brown shoes such as Dubarry's be accepted as suitable footwear. A “plain black shoe policy “would meet the recommendations but also allows parents and students some flexibility. Dubarry's are a unisex shoe and look neat and professional beneath the uniform. Also many students have already invested in these shoes and they are quite expensive.

We also recommend the shoe type ( i.e. height) to be outlined to avoid confusion amongst students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) who will be purchasing the necessary footwear.

We hope our views and proposals are valued regarding the shoe policy. We do intend to co-operate with the school policies and we hope this letter is considered. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

                                                                                                Yours Sincerely,
Sancta Maria College,
Student Council




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