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Student Council Meeting – 07/11/2014

  • Members present: ConorCalvey, Conor Clarke, Bronagh Rogers, Thomas Gibbons, Finn O Brien, Luke Power, Brendan Staunton, Emma Caulfield, Robyn O’Toole, Lisa O’Toole, Mrs. Rennick
  • Topics discussed: The calling of meetings, water fountain, rack and coat hanger for new building, holes in the wall in the new computer room, ear piercings, soap in toilet
  • We discussed when we should call meetings so that we can have a plan in mind for the future. The next meeting is to take place on Thursday, November 13th, at 1:50. The next meeting after this will take place on Friday, November 21st, at 9:40. Following this, meetings will take place alternately between Thursdays and Fridays every two weeks, and occasionally on a weekly basis if necessary.
  • We are looking into getting some form of a water supply, perhaps a tap or a fountain, so that students will have the chance to fill up their empty water bottles throughout the day.
  • We hope to get a coat hanger and rack for holding bags etc. installed in the new building.
  • The holes in the walls in the new building were also briefly discussed. We’ve concluded that this is unacceptable from fellow students and hope to not see such behavior in the future.
  • Male students have mentioned numerous times that they would like to have the opportunity to pierce their ears and are viewing it as a matter of inequality. We will look further into this matter.
  • The final topic discussed was the lack of soap in the bathrooms which is a very important hygiene matter. We will find out if the soap dispensers can be refilled on a more regular basis.
  • A number of the above issues were discussed with Mrs.Moran on Monday, 10th November.


Student Council Meeting
Date:   04th November 2012
Present: Mrs.Rennick, Lisa Needham, Laura Hastings, Maura Gibbons, Tomas Kelly, Oisin Lally, Donnacha Hanks, Oran Flynn, Finn Costello, Paddy McCarthy
Absent: Lisa O’Toole, Emma O Malley
1.  Extra-Curricular Policy
2.  Substance abuse policy
3. Issue’s arising


  • Extra Curricular activities reviewed and suggestions made from student council. The price of bus for extra-curricular was discussed.
  • Substance abuse policy reviewed and suggestions made from student council.
  • Discussed the conditions of the bathrooms.
  • Book club idea discussed.
  • Christmas Cake Sale Thursday 13th December at 11:OOam

Student Council Meeting

Date :Friday 28th October 2011
Members absent : Maureen , Deborah , Óisin.
Teacher present : Mrs. Rennick

Minutes from the Meeting:

  • Locker/toilet situation remains the same .
  • Students feel that the toilets could be maintained better for example : toilet seats, soaps, hand dryer, doors in girls bathroom and hygiene in general. It is felt that the student toilets need regular attention.
  • Discussed Fund-raising Christmas Ideas .
  • It is also felt from the school community that the use and supervision of the conference room could be used more effectively as it's one of the newest rooms in the school .
  • Current use of the ping-pong and pool table's also examined and discussed.

Student Council Meeting
Date: 23rd November 2011
Teacher Present: Mrs. Rennick
All members present.

Minutes from meeting:
• Cake Sale in aid of Special Olympics on Friday the 2nd December 2011.
• Matthew Cabot, a 2nd year student is participating in the Connacht final of ours schools got talent on Saturday 3rd December proceeds go towards Special Olympics. Please support.
• Idea of Book club beginning in the school was discussed.
• Text will be sent home about upcoming cake sale.
• Student council making Posters about the cake sale.

Next meeting: Friday 25th November in the Home –Ec kitchen.

Student Council Meeting :

Date : December 2011
Teacher Present : Mrs. Rennick

Minutes From Meeting:

  • Matthew Cabot ( 2nd Year ) is in the Connacht Final Of Our School's Got Talent on Saturday 3rd December.
  • Student Council are holding a cake sale to support Matthew and The Special Olympics in school on Friday 2nd November.
  • Spell Check on school website
  • Text/ Poster to be given to student's / sent to parent's regarding cake sale .
  • Make Poster's about the upcoming cake sale .


Student Council Meeting

Date : 17th January 2012
Teacher Present : Mrs. Rennick

Minutes From Meeting :

  • Student dissatisfaction about the “black shoe policy” which will be enforced in September 2012. Student council on behalf of the views of the student body to write a letter to Mrs. Moran .
  • Students to make Johnny aware if soap dispensers need to be refilled in bathroom's.
  • Scholastic Book Fair will be coming to the school.
  • Student council reviewed the mobile phone policy and suggested changes.
  • School uniform policy
      • Possible school fleece over jumper when it's cold .
      • Black footwear policy.
  • Gave out iConnect card's to student council members.

Student Council Meeting

Date :20th February 2012
Teacher Present : Mrs. Rennick
Absent : Robert Reaney , Óisin Lally.

Minutes from Meeting :
  • Running a book fair , sent home letter about it with student's .
  • Book Fair will be held in the conference room , and classes will be brought out to view the book' s with their teacher .
  • Book Fair will be open during two/three lunch times for students to purchase books. Student's will be made aware of this .
  • TY's will supervise book fair .
  • Received positive feedback from Mrs. Moran regarding the letter we sent about the black shoe policy .

Student Council Meeting

Date : 21st March 2012
Teacher Present : Mrs. Rennick
          Absent : Maureen & Deborah ( L.C Retreat ),
Óisin & Oran ( 2nd Year Trip ) and Rosa Gavin .

Minutes from Meeting :

  • Book Fair was a successful project and thank you to all who supported. In return for the moneys made , the school received a number of books which now belong to the school .
  •  A total of €_____ was raised .
  • “Book club” @ 12.45 in the Home Ec kitchen on Monday 26th March 2012.
  • Cheque for Book fair sent off through Secretary Jim .
  • Fund-raiser coming up in April , wear two different shoe's on aid of suicide prevention, which the student council will run .
  • Review Of school inclusion policy and suggest possible changes.
  • Get student council group photo from Christmas newsletter.
  • Laura (TY) to make poster's about the book club starting up.



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