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3rd Yr Book List 2017/2018


Gaeilge                        Iontas 3 Edco

English                        Great Expectations 2; Catherine Leddin;
                                    Novel: To Kill a Mockingbird; Harper Lee 19
                                    Collins English dictionary
                                    Play: Romeo and Juliet A4 copy

Maths                         Active Maths  2015(JC) Folens; M.Keating & D.Mulvanney.  Active Maths  2 JC HL (2015+)  (Higher Level only) Project Maths Copy A4

Science                        Exploring Science + Workbook (Edco)


French                        Bon Travail 2 ; Maria Stafford and Breege McNally;(Edco)
                                    Collins French Dictionary, A4 hardback notes copy       

CSPE                           Make a Difference new edition; Conor Harrison, Mairin Wilson; ( Folens)

Geography                  New Complete Geography; (4th edition) Charles Hayes

History                       Discovering History; Patsy McCaughy; Mentor

Religion                      Religion in the Modern World. 1 A4 folder

PE                               A4 size folder ( cardboard or plastic is fine)

SPHE                          To be purchased in school  approx €6

All books above must be bought/acquired before the start of the new school year.


Chosen subjects:

Business Studies        Eurobusiness plus workbook;John Taylor; latest edition (Folens)

Woodwork                  Materials Technology Wood + workbook; Michael Cross Folens

Technical Graphics    Understanding Technical Graphics; Tadhg O’Sullivan and John O’Sullivan; Gill and McMillan

Music                          Sounds Good Corebook, Workbook plus Set A 

Art                              No Text

Home Economics       Lifewise Home Economics for Junior Cert ; Randles and Kenelly

Homework Diary to be purchased at school

Please Note :               Books will not be available at Sancta Maria College (except for those on book loan scheme). All books must be bought/acquired before the start of the new school year.





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